An Adaptive and Book-Oriented Mobile Touch Screen User Interface Concept for Novice Senior Users


The penetration rate of smart phones is increasing rapidly and therefore these mobile devices become more and more dominating in daily life. Within an extremely short period of time the way of communication, reading books, listening music, viewing images e.g. has changed dramatically. For elderly people definitively too little time to adapt to this new type of interaction paradigm accordingly. But the number of senior people is growing worldwide and therefore the user experience of these mobile devices has to be adapted to the needs of the elderly. In this paper we introduce a touch screen based UI concept for senior users. This concept is based on two different interface layers: the integrated scalable help system and the book-oriented application design which uses the metaphor of books for menu selection and a flat navigation tree for reducing short-term memory load.

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia (MoMM2013)